Ethnic and Gender Considerations in the Use of Facial Injectables Latino Patients

Background: Globalization marks an important change in the world’s percep- tion of elective procedures: patients are becoming consumers and cosmetic procedures are being viewed as commodities. The quest to achieve and pre- serve a youthful appearance has no geographic boundaries or ethnic limita- tions. Cosmetic injectables have become an increasingly popular treatment option designed to improve and preserve facial appearance. Hispanic (Latino) patients are one of the rapidly increasing ethnic groups worldwide, seeking injectable treatments.
Methods: The author evaluated the trends in the use of injectables in his practice, mainly in Hispanic (Latino) patients, during one of the year’s busiest seasons, speci cally December 2014.
Results: The results re ect Latino patients’ behavior toward injectables and how a high-volume injector addresses the needs of patients, taking into con- sideration ethnic characteristics and socioeconomic factors in balance with the provider plan for cosmetic improvement or facial restoration.
Conclusions: The author’s Latino-Hispanic patients have embraced the con- cept of “less invasive” facial rejuvenation, and in his experience, he has found that their goal is to achieve precise results in a natural manner. Ethnicity does not play a role in patients’ behavior toward cosmetic procedures. This “behav- ior” tends to be related more to the socioeconomic status and/or the level of education, rather than ethnicity, which move the patient toward speci c procedures. (Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 136: 32S, 2015.)

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