José Raúl Montes Eyes & Facial Rejuvenation Incorporates Department of Research, Clinical Studies & Development of New Project

Elizabeth Santos Ortiz
Elizabeth Santos Ortiz, MPH-A, DrPHc

As trendsetters in science facial rejuvenation innovation, José Raúl Montes Eyes & Facial Rejuvenation has been working on several research projects, which have included internships from Residents of the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine. Dr. José Raúl Montes has officially incorporated into his practice a department dedicated entirely to research, clinical studies and development of new projects.

This initiative started with the retaining of a key individual whose extensive knowledge and experience in social epidemiology, environment and cancer research has made it a successful endeavor. As our medical students liaison, she has coordinated and overseen our research projects, and managed all publications.

Elizabeth Santos Ortiz, MPH-A, DrPHc, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in General Science, a Master’s Degree in Environmental Public Health, and before long will attain her doctoral in Epidemiology. She is also certified in Fundamentals in Clinical Research.
As our new Director of the Department of Research, Clinical Studies and Development of New Projects, her goal is to broaden innovative studies creating research partnerships with universities and companies within the industry.


Press Release - 032016


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