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Available Glytone peelings: new system that improves your skin It will help you have a more youthful appearance through organic ‘peelings’.

Wapa NotiSalud [08.31, 2014]

Introduction: Keyla Hernández
A new system to improve your skin, not just the face but the entire body, is now available in Puerto Rico, as Luz Nereida Vélez reports. These are new completely organic peelings.
Luz Nereida: It is known as a controlled exfoliation and uses unique acids to treat different skin conditions. It is the latest in this type of treatment which reduces the burning and itching sensation that other peelings produce, because the base ingredient is fruit, i.e, totally organic.

Dr. JRM: We are improving because the company, in this case Glytone Enerpeels, has added an anti-inflammatory agent to the solution, so the product is able to penetrate the skin in more depth and in a most effective way. The anti-inflammatory agent allows the patient to tolerate this treatment with less pain.

Luz Nereida: So efficacy and safety are combined for the patient’s benefit. There are five different types of peelings to treat skin conditions, especially sensitive and delicate areas, such as the eyes.

Dr. JRM: This is a good, safe and quick alternative for patients who have pigmentation around the eyes. The peeling application around the eyelids can take maybe 2-5 minutes, and the patient can resume his/her normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Luz Nereida: This is also great before and after an eye or face surgery, Botox application. It also works as an anti-aging product, removing fine lines. [Other areas that can be worked is back, especially if you have acne.] This benefits men greatly.

Dr. JRM: A lot of men have suffered from acne, cystic acne, or inflammatory lesions on the back which have left blemishes or patients who have pigmentation resulting from waxing their backs. Here is a specific line of products that can treat that degree of pigmentation or spots in the back and beard areas.

Luz Nereida: It also helps with the reduction of enlarged pores, as well as the tonification and texture of the skin. In most cases there will be a 50% improvement with a single application. Re-application will depend on your skin condition. For more information, please call 787-877-0003 or 787-777-0004. Reporting for health topics, this is Luz Nereida Vélez, Noticentro.

Understand our skin

Skin connects us to the outside world. It’s part of every smile, every handshake, and most importantly, it protects us from the potentially damaging influences of daily life. Your skin is your body’s protective covering but it has even more jobs to do as our only external organ. The skin acts as a waterproof, insulating shield, guarding the body against the external temperatures and harmful environment. It also exudes antibacterial substances that prevent infection and manufactures vitamin D for converting calcium into healthy bones. Skin is also a huge sensor packed with nerves for keeping the brain in touch with the outside world. Healthy skin is often viewed as evidence of a healthy body. Serving such important roles, it must be properly protected, nourished and treated.

Glytone: The Expertise Behind the Regimens

GLYTONE combines cosmetic and pharmaceutical expertise to bring elegantly engineered skincare products to the field of aesthetic dermatology. GLYTONE skin therapies lead to real results and healthy skin. We offer a unique combination of in-office procedures and at-home skincare treatments to optimize your results. Our products are only available through physician or dermatologist recommendation because we want to ensure your skin is getting the care it deserves. Have your healthcare professional help you determine the best approach to meet your skincare needs, whether your concern is hyperpigmentation or simple maintenance.

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