Hair Removal


Hair Removal with LightSheer DUET

LightSheer DUET is a revolutionary hair removal system that works quickly, gently and reliably. Using a non-invasive laser beam, LightSheer DUET literally gets to the root of the problem, focusing laser energy through your skin to disable unwanted hair follicles. LightSheer can safely remove hair from all parts of the body including legs, arms, underarms and back and sensitive areas such as ears, nose, chin, and chest.

This procedure is performed in the comfortable and spacious outpatient environment in our office. We utilize the latest technology in hair removal: The LightSheer DUET. Painless, fast, and effective.

How it works

The LightSheer DUET system generates highly concentrated laser energy through a cooled handpiece placed on your skin. As the laser energy penetrates the skin, it is absorbed by the pigment found in hair follicles.

The laser pulses for a fraction of a second, just long enough to vaporize the pigment. In this way, LightSheer selectively disables many follicles at a time, destroying unwanted hair or significantly hindering its regrowth. The procedure is computer-guided and won’t affect any surrounding tissue. LightSheer DUET treatments typically provide 80% permanent reduction, plus or minus 20% re-growth that is finer, lighter and thinner.

LightSheer DUET’s special handpiece cools and protects the skin before, during and after each pulse while directing the laser energy to the hair root. This helps make the procedure comfortable, safe and effective for people of all skin colors.

Better than Electrolysis

While electrolysis is a popular form of long-term hair removal, it can be painful and slow. An electric current passes through a needle to destroy follicles, hair by hair.

Electrolysis can take months or even years of regular treatments to remove hair on even a small area such as the upper lip. With LightSheer DUET, we can disable hundreds of hair follicles in less than one second; with electrolysis, this might take an hour. The LightSheer DUET system is painless, fast, and effective.


One of our clients recently offered this feedback for our hair removal services. We share it with you confident you will enjoy a comparable experience.

«My experience with the permanent laser depilation treatment has been reasonable and comfortable. On various occasions, I had tried in the past similar treatments but had to discontinue them because it became painful and uncomfortable. However, the treatment that I have received at Doctor José Montes’ office has been different.
The treatment is simple and without any pain. His assistants and office personnel are very pleasant and flexible in terms of schedule. In terms of the treatment, I see an improvement on the first visit. This is why I am extremely pleased and satisfied with my experience.» 3/19/13 (EDV)

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