Evaluation of Men’s Trends and Experiences in Aesthetic Treatment

Evaluation of Men's Trends and Experiences in Aesthetic Treatment

Jose Raúl Montes MD FACS FACCS and Elizabeth Santos DrPH

Jose Raúl Montes Eyes & Facial Rejuvenation, San Juan, Puerto Rico


Men’s interest and participation in cosmetic procedures has increased in recent years; however, the factors that motivate or discourage men from undergoing these procedures is not well understood. To evaluate which factors impact men’s decisions towards cosmetic procedures, an observational, single-site, cross-sectional study utilizing a voluntary questionnaire was executed in a target population size of 209 men ≥21 years old who visited the study site from 2015 to 2017. A majority of the male respondents incorporate a basic skincare regimen into their daily routine (90%), have had experience with neurotoxin treatments (54%), and expressed interest in either neurotoxin or dermal filler treatments (77% and 83%, respectively). The main motivating reason to undergo a cosmetic procedure was pursuit of a youthful appearance and the main discouraging reasons were cost and time for appointments or recovery. This study suggests that a majority of our male patients have either embraced or are interested in cosmetic treatments, but the cost and time play a big role in their decision. As cosmetic providers, we should reflect a commitment to the male population through marketing efforts and offerings to increase participation in minimally invasive aesthetic procedures.

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